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Pool table removals | Pool table moves | Relocate pool table

Billiards tables are heavy and laborious items to transport, pool tables also come in a range of rather large sizes. Transportation of any size pool table from one location to another is a big job but still possible. Harry Evans & Sons handle all table sizes and weights with great care, we have over 100 years experience with moving tables, so you should feel secure with our services. We service all of Melbourne, surrounding regions, interstate and international billiard table transport.

What size is your table?

Firstly, let’s measure the length of your table using imperial feet units. A conversion table can be found further down on this page.

How to measure; Where the cloth meets the cushion cap surround at the top edges of the table, this line translates down to the edges of the slate.

 TIP: We refer to slate dimensions as standard size of tables. These are 6,7,8,9,10 or 12 feet in length.

 FYI: It is necessary to dismantle larger billiards tables, such as 9,10 and 12 feet long for transport. Site inspections may also be necessary where access is difficult.

Table length conversion chart













lengths in Imp(ft)

lengths in metric(m)

Is your move difficult with not so easy access points? What do we deem ‘’difficult access’?

When moving any size table there are some things we will need to consider before making the move, we need to look at both pick up and drop off points.

Do either of the locations have:

  • Stairs (more than 3 steps)
  • Low ceilings
  • Narrow hallways
  • Tight turns in the line of access
  • Life access
  • Crane access
  • Unpaved or uneven terrain

Types of transport we conduct

  • Between houses or apartments.
  • Room to room within a location.
  • Dismantle and removal to a storage facility.
  • City to a rural destination or vice versa.
  • Dismantle for functions and reassemble.
  • Dismantle and deliver to international packaging services.

Each table move requires an understanding of the table’s construction and through investigation of the lines of access. We understand that each move is unique. Please see the chart on this page that will provide you with information that will help assist you in budgeting for your table transport costs. Based on the ground floor Melbourne metropolitan area moves, this chart shows the average move costs, separated by table size.

We have developed a secure means of table transport, we take all measures to make sure all components have protective packing. We also dismantle Billiards tables to stack in storage so you can store your pool table in our storage facilities, your home or garage. When it is time to reassemble the table, we can help you. If your table is in need of some repairs, the best time to do this is to do it prior to installation. We can your table components for repair or servicing then deliver back to you at your preferred address, we also include levelling out the table ready to be played.

lengths in Imp(ft)

average move price





9 heavy slated


9 light slated









Harry Evans & Sons would also live to offer our clients our storage facilities. We offer long term and short term in a dry, secure premises where your table will be cared for at competitive rates.

Our dedicated and experienced staff make transporting your Billiards table easy. In addition to the transport, we provide insurance on all moves to assure your peace of mind. Call us today to discuss your Billiards table transport requirements.