Install Adjustable Toes

Adjustable toes or feet are fitted to the base of billiards table legs. These toes are threaded and adjusted in and out to level the table. Because a threat is infinitely adjustable, these toes are the most accurate method of leveling. Many antique tables were originally designed and manufactured without these adjustable toes. Shims are used to level this type of table. Shims are thin pieces of wood or metal placed under the legs and stacked up to level the table. Because they are stacked this method raises the table in stages and is less flexible to minute adjustments. However, we can fit adjustable toes to any of these tables. 

There are many different styles of toes such as plastic or rubber based, polished brass, chrome, small diameter, large diameter, cast shapes, etc. Come in and have a look at what available in store.

Getting a pool table height right is one thing but getting the table level is pivotal. Having adjustable toes on a pool table is ideal for tables on all surfaces but particularly carpet. Over time, the weight of the table can sink into the carpet causing the height of the table to change. If you are in the shop and having your pool table maintained or restored, and do not already have adjustable toes on your table, we recommend you consider doing this upgrade while the table is already in our hands.

For optimal pool table height you are looking to be between 29 ¼ Inches and 33 inches, from the floor to the slate top. WIth Adjustable toes, we are able to change this height depending on your game play and the height you prefer it to be. When we install a table, we try to have the toes screwed in as much as possible. This reduces the chance that the table will move around on the threads.  Depending on the levelling on the floor there is about 25mm of adjustment in the toe threads. Tables can go out of level from season to season as the temperature and weather changes. In the summer the ground underneath your house can dry out and shrink a little. This is enough to unbalance your table. Likewise, in the winter the reverse can happen.

Feel free to give us a call if you would like to get a quote or just have questions in general about how to maintain your billiard table. We have been in the industry for a long time and we are more than happy to help. We offer a free table levelling with all moves, re-rubbering/reclothing or restoration jobs. A separate table levelling is quoted per table.