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Repairs & maintenance

Here at Harry Evans & Sons, we do not want you to just come purchase a table and be on your merry way, we want you to know that when you purchase a table from us, we can provide you with everything else along the way. As a business who builds tables, that comes part in parcel with repairing and maintenance of tables. No job is too big or too small for the team at Harry Evans & Sons. With years in the trade we know a thing or two about pool tables, our unique experience provides you with handy hints, tips and tricks to keep your table and all of your accessories in the best possible playing condition.

Quality new tables should only require a brushing either before or after playing to remove chalk and debris, covering your table with a dust cover is highly recommended, this will eliminate light as well as dust.

Further maintenance (usually annually) possibly involves re levelling the table, re- marking, re spotting and ironing the cloth, this is done with a pool iron to ensure the cloth runs at the desired speed.

Alternatively, when maintenance is required, we can determine what level you require and if you are needing a little bit of extra love we can provide you with a full service and advise you accordingly as to the extent of the repairs if need be.

More major repairs include;

Obligation free quotes can be provided for person and insurance purposes and all of our work is

Guaranteed. Occasionally, repairs can be carried out and in conjunction with customers wishing to move from one location to another and we are happy to offer that service.

Cue tipping & repairs

Even with normal everyday use, the tips of cues do become worn or are knocked off and need replacing. In addition , the brass ferrule just below the tip can become loose or fractured, most cues can be repaired and we can provide advice as to what the best option is. We are all funny about the cues we use and one we find the one, we want to care for it as much as we can.

For more information regarding:

  • brushing the table
  • dust covers
  • levelling the table
  • remarking & re-spotting
  • cloth and cloth ironing
  • re-tipping & ferrules

see our FAQ

Grinding slates

If a table has been moved many times and/or the slates have been damaged, some slates require grinding. This process cleans away a layer revealing a fresh, undamaged and level surface. This is a skill that takes many years to master and is very labour intensive. It is also rare that a table will require this process. Again, It’s best to consult with us whether your table needs to be ground.