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Our story

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Our story
Who is harry evans
Our story begins in London.

Born in England in 1840, Harry Evans had a love for billiards at a young age. As a child Harry would accompany his father to his Billiard room and that is where he would learn that he had a love for the game. Harry would play and play and soon progressed to a very high level. The young player’s efforts did not go unnoticed, as Harry played more he would enter into tournaments and competitions as Harry’s skills grew so did his titles, winning his first professional title in London in 1882. Harry went on to astound the English Billiards scene with his skills.

Not too long after Harry found his bride and moved to Australia.


Harry and his new bride migrated to Adelaide (Australia) in 1882, Harry continued his love of Billiard tables and continued to establish his reputation as a fine local player. Harry still found himself entering in competitions and taking it pretty seriously to the point where he was competing in competitions as far as Coolgardie, Western Australia. Soon after arriving in Adelaide, the Evans family felt they would be best suited basing themselves in Melbourne, so off they went. By this time, Harry had become a professional Billiards player, competing in tournaments and going on to win Three Colonial Championship Titles.

The beginnings

The fifth-generation has joined the team. Luke has brought new skills and design ideas. With 5 generations of manufacturing, we are proud of our family heritage. We will continue to provide that same level of quality service to our customers.