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Harry Evans & Sons are the antique billiards and pool table restoration specialists. Five generations of service and extensive experience, whatever your requirements are we can service you.

We understand the importance of care when handling a restoration, you need soft hands and a lot of love. A restoration requires skills, extreme attention, an eye for detail and respect.

We are able to complete a partial restoration or a full restoration, really depending on what the table will need. With 125 plus years of table restoration servicing, we can change a little bit of your table, revive your old table or make it look like a completely new table, it is entirely up to you.

We have restored tables due to old age, flooding and even vandalism. I love to use one of our own stories as an example. We had a full size table for approximately 50 years, this table had been through it all, it unfortunately for a long time sat in storage, collecting dust and taking up space, it was forgotten about. Then the right customer came along, the table was an antique and worthy of a full restoration. The features of the table were made from fiddle back blackwood, which encouraged the buyer even more to restore the table. It was a grueling process but at the end of the day, was completely worth it, to see something be brought back to life and fully restored to its original condition was absolutely fantastic. Safe to say, not only were we proud of our own work but the buyer was over the moon with the outcome.

Harry Evans & Sons can undertake many different types of restoration jobs;

  • Straighten frames (shoot frames) Grinding slates
  • Repair timber work
  • Repair french polish, re polish in either 2pac or french polish
  • Re cover the table and cushions with new cloth
  • New rubbers
  • Shape pocket openings
  • Install adjustable toes

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