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Replacing the cushions rubbers

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How Do I Know If My Pool Table Cushions Needs  Replacing

Around the sides of a pool table, there are 6 cushions. Inside those cushions are strips of extruded/moulded rubber. This rubber provides the bounce and rebounds the balls around the table. Over time this rubber decays and needs to be replaced.

As time goes on, worn cushions can negatively impact the way you play pool. Like all things, pool tables need to be looked after and maintained. On our site you can find a number of things you can do to keep the integrity of your table. One of the things we highly recommend is to have your cushion replaced after a few years to ensure optimum playability and major frustration. 

It’s a common misconception that if cushions were rarely played on that they can’t be bad. However, it’s a little-known fact that rubber needs to flex to maintain its natural spring, so a table that has seen very little use most likely will need the cushions replaced.Rubber pool table cushions age naturally. As the rubber ages, it will start to negatively affect play.

There are lots of ways to know that it is time to replace the cushions on your table. One of the ways you can tell if it is time for a replacement is if the cushions are starting to sag, have they lost their bounce? 

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How Long Do Pool Table Cushions Last?

The lifespan of your pool table and your pool table components is totally dependent on you and how you treat your pool table and the environment you leave your table in, so it can be hard to say. A prime example is a pool table that is sat in a sunny room compared to a basement/games rooms. Rooms with direct sunlight can speed up the aging process of the rubber getting hotter and dryer, darker rooms do not accelerate the aging process, since darker rooms are usually a lot cooler. In general, standard quality cushions may lose their bounce in 12-15 years, higher quality cushions can last even longer. 

Our Stock

DHP Blue Rubber

DHP Blue rubber is suitable for all tables but lacks a little performance on the larger size table like the 10ft and 12ft

Northern English Tournament Black Rubber

Northern English tournament black rubber performs well on bigger tables. However, it only comes in longer lengths and is more expensive, so it’s better suited to larger tables.