Second-hand table register

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Our second-hand table register is a service that we provide to previous customers or owners of our tables. But, when we see a table from another manufacturer that’s a great price for its condition. We will include them in the register. The make or manufacturer of these tables vary. There are many of other Australian billiards table companies. When an owner of a table contacts us about selling their table package. We ask them to provide photos and as much information as possible. This helps describe the specifications in full to prospective buyers.

We have been in the industry for a long time and many of these tables have visited our workshop for maintenance. In cases like these, we can vouch for the quality of workmanship. Below is a list of Billiards tables available. Please, have a look through and contact us about the table you like. If you have a special pool table and you’re looking to change or sell. Contact us about it.