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HE&S Standard

A classic design and a staple in our range that has evolved to be a solid performer and a durable workhorse. This table has the correct aspect ratio with regards to slate dimensions. The majority of tables in this price range can’t offer this feature. The angles on this table are a direct scaled-down version of a competition full-size table. The condition of the table is playable and there is still some life in the cushions. The cloth and rubber can be replaced before delivery for an extra charge.

Size: 8ft

Style: Turned leg

New/Second-hand: Second-hand

Condition: fair unrestored

Cloth colour: Burgundy

Accessories: 4 cues, cross rest, triangle, Kelly pool and snooker balls, chalk, brush

Notes: Depending on the level of use the cloth and rubber are due to be replaced in 12 to 24 months


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