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Harry Evans & Sons Billiards tables are hand crafted and high quality. We can build you a traditional style table or custom design a table to suit your interior. Our tables comply to competition standards. The International Billiards & Snooker Federation set the rules of competition. Many table features and behaviours must be meet to comply.

The key features of our tables such as:
  • Table dimensions
  • Pocket openings
  • Cushion angles

All follow the games world rules.

Our family company has achieved five generation, because our tables made to last. Even if your Harry Evans & Sons pool table is so worn. We are confident that your table can return to its former glory. Because it’s made from solid timber.

Do we use MDF or craft wood?  NO.

Your table will have the highest level of play-ability possible. We’ve been in this industry for 137 years. Businesses don’t last that long unless they provide quality products and services.

What makes our billiards table look so good?

Superior Construction

At Harry Evans & Sons we build our own Billiards tables at our workshop in Melbourne. We only use solid kiln-dried furniture grade timber. No MDF or partical board. Laminated timbers provide structural regidity.


The leg fames are a housed and bolted using mortise and tenon joints. This is the traditional construction used for centuries. After levelling the frame, we fit Italian slate and marry them together.



Smaller tables use 3/4″ slates and 1½” for larger sizes. The slates are hand ground for superior accuracy.


All table components are part numbered and serial numbered. This makes our tables individual, easy assemble and transportation.



Exceptional Fittings

Fixtures and fitting complete a house. Pool tables are much the same. There are many items that are customizable.

Pocket brackets

All our tables have solid brass pocket brackets. You can customise the pocket brackets in different ways. Chrome plated and brushed nickle plated create a clean modern style. Gloss or brushed Brass are coming back in to fashion. Powder coating is also available. It’s very unique and can be any colour.

Pocket Nets and leathers

Nets and leathers selection are the next customisation. We have white or black high-quality cotton nets. Snooker rails or empire rails are also an option. Only genuine leather options are available. Brown and Black leather is in stock. But we can use any colour that is available.

Toes or feet

Adjustable toes for levelling are next. Our standard adjustable toe is low impact and uses a nylon base to reduce damage to floors. There are many other toes to choose from. Whatever style you prefer, we can fit.


Inside the cushion is cushion rubber. You can choose from high quality extruded rubber or English Northern rubber.

Premium Surfaces

If you’re buying a new Billiards table, cloth is very important to consider. Good cloth is like good tyres on a car. As you develop your game, you will want the cloth to perform and wear well. Cloth is also the first thing we ask you about when restoring a table.

Types of cloth

English cloth has a nap. Which means it’s directional. American and European cloth is different because it’s napless. We use 100% woollen cloth from the top-quality brands. Our preferred cloth is superior English ‘Strachan’ brand. Another more cost-effective brand is ‘Mitchell’. Anything cheaper than these brands, we’ve found that the quality drops. Traditional green is the best colour for the game and it’s easy on the eye.


There are many other colour choices available. Both the Strachan and Mitchell brands have colours to suit your decor. While some of these dramatic colours look good to start, they don’t always wear the best over time. Stick to the green, burgundy or charcoal.

Distinguished Style

Almost all features of pool tables are customizable. We’ve designed tables to suit almost any interior style. If you can’t find a style that fits your room, lets design one together.

Timber selection

The type of timber plays a key role in the look and feel of your Billiards table. Natural colours and grain structure changes with each timber.

Leg styles and frame depth

These features categorize table styles. For example, a narrow-turned leg is more Victorian. Square legs can be either modern or art deco.

Moulds and unique inserts

Custom moulds and unique inserts in the frame, legs or cushions are all choices available to customers. customizing these features can be a very personal and rewarding experience.


The finish on the timber is the most popular modification. High gloss to matt surfaces are achievable. French polishing is the traditional finish. Recent years have seen custom colours resurface, like blacks table with charcoal cloth.

Ready to Play

Buy a new pool table from Harry Evans & Sons and we include a complete kit of accessories. This kit has everything you need to play a range of games. Delivery to the ground floor of Melbourne metropolitan area is also complementary. Because we hand craft our tables, they are all made to order. We do have a range of display tables for sale on the showroom floor. These are available for immediate delivery. If we’re working in a new design of our own, the first version will be on sale in the showroom. Come in and see what the latest design is.

Expert Pool Table Sales and Support Service

Would you like to know which size table fits in your room?

We can help you choose the right size pool table for your home, club or office.

Find the full range of new table sizes in our table size chart.

Our difference is quality! If you have high standards and you’re searching for a table to match, we can help. As an established Billiards & Pool table manufacturer of five generations. We provide the type craftsmanship and service you’re looking for. Contact Harry Evans & Sons Billiards, or visit our showroom today.

Custom Billiards Table Design

Harry Evans & Sons provide a unique custom table design and crafting service. Popular with architects, interior designers and homemakers with particular taste. We work with you through concept design to manufacture. Create a unique contemporary or traditional piece finished with our unmatched quality. Every aspect of the table tailored and manufactured to your specifications. We enjoy bringing new designs to life with our clients. We create a new design of our own each year.

Design features that are customizable:

  • Timber
  • Legs shape
  • Rail depth
  • Moulds
  • Featured inserts
  • Finish
  • Pockets
  • Cloth
  • Adjustable toes
Need More?
Pool Table Repairs & Maintenance

Billiards table need Services and maintenance over the years. This is another major part of our business. More details are available on our repairs page.

Billiards Table Removals

Obligation free quotes can available. We quote most jobs over the phone.

Key question we will ask:

  • Table size
  • Pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Number of stairs at either end of the move

For personal and insurance purposes, all our work is guaranteed.

Table repairs or maintenance can be carried out and in conjunction with moves. billiard table removals services.

Coin Operated Pool Tables

Harry Evans & Sons do supply coin operated pool tables. we’ve been providing pool tables to venues around Australia for decades. We can deliver, install, and provide maintenance and repairs when required. You can also get all accessories from us. If your business is entertainment, we can provide the ideal partner.

Contact us or visit our Fitzroy showroom if you have an enquiry regarding our new tables or any of our billiard tables services