Harry Evans & Sons are the antique restoration specialists. With 5 generations of service & experience. Whatever your requirements. We are sure to compliment them with extreme care and skill.

See how your table can be fully or partially restored. 125+ years of table restoration services. We can even change the look of your table completely.
We have restored tables from vandalism, floods and extreme old age. For example, we had oned a full-size table for approximately 50 years. This table had been in our storage, collecting dust. It was almost forgotten about. Until the right customer came along. The table was antique and worthy of a full restoration. The features of this table were special. When we dusted off the components. The customer saw that the table was made from fiddle-back Blackwood. Which encouraged them to proceed with the restoration.
Harry Evans & Sons can undertake many types of restoration jobs, such as:
  • Straighten frames (shoot frames) Grinding slates
  • Repair timberwork Repair
  • French polish Re-polish in either 2pac or French polish
  • Cover table and cushions with new cloth
  • New rubbers
  • Shape pocket openings
  • Install adjustable toes
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