Our Story

Our Story

Who is Harry Evans?

Our story begins in London.

Born in England in 1840, Harry Evans played at his father’s billiards room as a child. Harry’s game progressed to a high level. The young player’s efforts did not go unnoticed. Winning his first professional title in London in 1882. He astounded the English Billiards scene with his skill.



Harry found his bride and travelled to Adelaide (Australia) in 1882. He continued to establish his reputation as a fine local player. Competition across Australia took him as far afield as Coolgardie. The family decided to move to Melbourne. By this time he was a professional Billiards player. Competing in tournaments and Winning three Colonial Championship Titles.


Harry Evans (Senior) had four sons. They moved to Melbourne in the mid-1890s. He established the family business there buying, selling and restoring billiard tables. His descendants continue to maintain the family traditions today.

2nd Generation

Harry (Junior) was the eldest son of Harry (senior). He became involved in the business at a young age. Together they set up and ran billiards rooms. Harry (Junior) was a cabinet maker. Billiards table maintenance was the original service offered by the business. Based at their workshop situated in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Their knowledge and skill allowed them to compete against larger companies.

3rd Generation

The third generation joins the business. Harry Evans & Sons now see Norm (2nd AIF) and Gordon (RAAF) return from war. These brothers also become cabinet makers and french polisher. They operate from Elizabeth Street Melbourne with their father. Later in 1957, the business relocated to the present Fitzroy premises.

4th Generation

David is the only son of Gordon. He commenced with Harry Evans & Sons (Vic) Pty. Ltd. in 1985 following on from an 18-year career in electronics with the MMBW. Having grown up with the business. He has worked with his father and uncle for years. David has had a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on and pass on to his son.

The fifth-generation has joined the team. Luke has brought new skills and design ideas. With 5 generations of manufacturing, we are proud of our family heritage. We will continue to provide that same level of quality service to our customers.