Latest Install

Welcome to the presentation page for our latest installs. All of our tables are custom designed and built by hand so each table is different in it own unique way. Every one of our customers has their own taste when it comes to aesthetics so in this section we will showcase the variations of our latest builds to help you feel confident that we can produce the billiards, snooker or pool table that suits you and your setting.

This week we delivered one of the rarest table constructions we have in our lineup known as the Warehouser. This table takes a long time to build as the timber is hand selected to have a specific feature or characteristic gum vein. These gum veins are cleaned and then filled with clear resin to create a three dimensional viewing window in to the timber feature and smooth out the surface for a superior finish.  

Contemporary houses are coming back to traditional entertainment. Encouraging people to put down their phones and screens and communicate with each other while playing a game that doesn’t discriminate between age, gender or strength level. This magnificent setting is showcasing one of our most popular designs called The Trend. Its sleek design features and dark satin polish make this pool table perfect for modern interiors.

KICKS… Melbourne’s newest sports bar. Located on level 1 / 450 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3004. Featuring multiple big screen Tv’s, Retro gaming, Foosball table and a custom built Pool table from Harry Evans & Sons. Their pool comp runs every Monday, so head in and grab a pint from the fresh copper Carlton Draught system and have a few games. Kicks also compliments the awesome entertainment with fantastic food and beverage options. Open until late every night.

At the start of the great ocean road there is a beautiful house that has been built to compliment its surroundings. The owners of this home were seeking a table that was made from native natural and sustainable materials that also mimics the same aesthetics. The table is a minimal modern design with custom made cloth in a unique colour and aged pocket nets.