Occasionally past customers call us explaining that they’re moving house and they either don’t have room for their billiards table or they’re looking to up size. In some of these cases we purchase the table back or we offer to help them sell their table through our second hand table register. This service is predominantly only offered to past customers or owners of our own brand of tables, because we know our tables are built well, are durable and can be fully restored to as new condition. Thanks to these opportunities we have a selection of restored and second hand tables available on our show room floor as a cost-effective alternative. Call us for more information about floor stock specials.


Fully Restored Coin Operated 7′ Pub Size Pool Table

Once a well-used Pool table in a bar, this table’s had a complete once over. The slate’s been checked, new cushion rubbers fitted and Strachan 6811 tournament grade charcoal English cloth fitted. The ball return mechanism with coin slot has also been restored. The table top surround is solid Australian hard wood (Tas Oak) and the base-frame has been resprayed in a satin black. This Pool table would fit in to any man/woman cave or bar. The coin slot is a manual mechanical action which can be set from $0.20 to $7.20 per game. If you let us know the amount you would like we can also set that for you. The package comes with 2 cues, a set of casino balls, triangle and delivery to ground floor melbourne metro area.

Normally this level of coin-op table package would sell for $7000. But as a floor stock special it’s $4990.  

European Billiards or Carom Billiards

This style of table isn’t as common in Australia but the game is becoming more popular. This table was custom made for a past client who loved it but couldn’t take it overseas with them. The table is around 7 years old with very low impact use. There are some small dints from general ware and tear but overall, it’s in excellent condition. The cushions have been fitted with tournament grade northern English rubber and the table has been covered in Simonis cloth. The table package includes four new cues, one set of balls and delivery to ground floor Melbourne metro area.

Floor stock special price $7000.

Fully restored 8Ft table

Originally built circa 1980’s this table has been rejuvenated as a classic style table with a contemporary twist. The timber work has a unique hand finish and polish applied that draws out the natural features of each piece of wood, demonstrating the grey tones as highlights. To honour these attributes the table is fitted with components that compliment the timber such as satin grey pocket plates, black pocket nets, black leather pocket protectors and covered in Strachan “slate blue” 6811 competition grade cloth. Underneath the slate base has been checked and new rubbers have been fitted to the cushions.


The Trend 8ft second hand table.

recently acquired, this table was built only a few years ago and is one of our most popular designs. because this table is so young the components such as the rubber and cloth are still in good condition. There are signs of normal wear and tear but this is to be expected from an item that is loved and used as much as possible. this modern design fits in almost any contemporary home with its clean lines and brushed aluminium features. this table is a great opportunity to get a bargain.

With a complete kit of accessories this table would normally sell for $7000 but it’s a floor stock special at $4500


Fully restored 10ft table

Traditional designed and build to suit a standard home this table is now polished in gloss piano black finish to make a statement in any home. With new rubber in the cushions and Strachan 6811 competition charcoal grey cloth it plays as good as it looks. This table is essentially new and the price should be $15500 including accessories.

This floor stock special is on sale for a bargain at $12000



Our second hand table register is a service that we mainly only provide to past customers or owners of our tables. But when we are presented a table from another manufacturer that’s a great price for its condition we will include them in the register. The make or manufacturer of these tables vary as there are a number of other Australian billiards table companies. When an owner of a table contacts us about selling their table package we collect photo’s and as much information as we can to help describe the specifications in full to prospective buyers. We have been in the industry for a long time and many of these table have been maintained by us at some point. In cases like these we can vouch for the quality of workmanship.

The first of our second hand register table packages

This 9ft Billiards table was built in the late 70’s here at Harry Evans & Sons Fitzroy and is very much a pool table style for purists. It features a classic Victorian style leg, hand carved under frame brackets and barley sugar twist rope moulding on the cushion panels and leg panels. It has a heavy slated fully housed construction that plays beautifully. The slates are south Australian Mintaro slate and bolted cushion fixings for smooth and responsive playing conditions. Recently re-rubber and recovered, this Snooker table is in excellent condition. Accompanied with a complete kit of accessories. Delivery charges will vary depending on your location.